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MYTH #7: You can't fix Hill Street due to the disruption of construction.

In the GIS map above, there's plenty of public land that can be utilised to fix Hill Street and avoid construction disruption.

True. The public had a bad experience with the Woodcocks/ Whitaker roadworks. All the services under the existing road had to be rebuilt or diverted. The contract took two years. It started at the start of winter at the muddiest time of the year.

False. The traffic at the Hill Street Intersection will never be less than today. See the diagram below.

False. The construction can be completed in less than 12 months. 10 months of that is construction ‘Off road’. The construction ‘On the road’ can be carried out in less than two months of Night Work.

The above example demonstrates how much of 'The Pill' design can be built without disrupting existing traffic. The areas in orange are outside the existing intersection footprint and red areas can be worked once the orange areas are built.

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