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Petition highlights community outcry to fix the infamous Warkworth Hill Street intersection

The Fix Hill Street Now Action Group hand over more than 9000 signed documents to MP Mark Mitchell.

More than 9000 signatures have been handed over to Rodney's MP Mark Mitchell to deliver to Parliament.

Yesterday the Fix Hill Street Now action group handed a petition with 9092 signatures to Mitchell at the Bridgehouse in Warkworth in the hope to find a final solution for the intersection's congestion issues.

With the petition, the group "requests the House of Representatives recommend to the Government, as a part of the New Zealand Transport Agency's SH1 Warkworth intersection improvements project, that it prioritise design, funding and the works improvements for the Hill Street intersection to address current and future safety and congestion issues, and commence necessary works before any nearby works exacerbate congestion at the intersection".

Rodney MP Mark Mitchell receives more than 9000 signed petitions from the Fix Hill Street Now Action Group

Fix Hill Street Now Action Group member and former infrastructure analyst Grant McLachlan thanked everyone who signed the petition and is confident they will see change.

"We collected more than 9000 signatures which equates to the population between Warkworth and Leigh," he says.

Rodney's MP Mark Mitchell signs the letter to The House of Representatives.

"We even had some people lining up to sign because they have had enough. Many people label the intersection as the worst in New Zealand as it cannot cope with half the traffic, congestion used to be a holiday problem, now it is a daily problem."

Mitchell congratulated the group and says he is taking the signatures to Wellington on April 4.

He says things should progress from here, "we have secured some funding to actually get a dedicated project manager to now get some serious work on the redesign of Hill Street."

"I am actually really proud because some of the best plans that have been generated for that work are coming out from our Warkworth community."

Group member and transport engineer, Roger Williams says he hopes for commitment and a final solution as soon as possible.

"The concerns from the community and the petition will really put some pressure on, we want a simple and easy to build system that does not disrupt traffic too much."

The group has been collecting signatures from December 1 to April 1.

- Rodney Times

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