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The Gauntlet: Issue #48

Newsletter #48 - 17 August 2017

We are almost one month from a general election and there is all sorts of positioning. All the foot-shuffling has muddied the waters. In this week’s newsletter, we cover all the conflicting and contradicting positions.


To demonstrate how much of a mess this year has been, check out this video from the NZTA that was published on 3 May: The problem with the clip is that it didn’t take into account:

  • the November 2016 AT Business Case for the Matakana Link,

  • the December 2016 AT results from the Elizabeth Street trial,

  • the February 2017 NZTA revised traffic growth projections,

  • the April 2017 NZTA/AT announcement to push forward the Hill Street intersection upgrade, or

  • the pressures to push forward with the Western Collector.

The clip doesn’t make any mention of dates. As you know, the most pressing issues is the timing of when works commence and are completed.


An octopus has three hearts, nine brains, and eight tentacles. So does Auckland Council.

In trying to clone its parent, Auckland Transport created this mutant:

In fact, the structure changes so much, their website can’t keep up:

One branch of the organisation doesn’t know what the other is doing. Not even the Board knows what is going on. It is an organisation of acronyms and no action.

Following TFUG (New Transport for Future Urban Growth), we’ve had the leak of ATAP (Auckland Transport Alignment Project) ( The ATAP August update to reflect faster growth mustn’t have been seen by the Auckland Transport Board when they responded to Auckland Councillor Greg Sayers.

Read the letter to Greg here: You will note the usual cut-and-paste spiel about how the other roading projects will ease Hill Street, which we now know is invalid. Also, they claim that Sandspit Road is not at capacity most of the time even though the two teams working on Hill Street say that it is.

But most concerning is this:

Timing for the proposed link between Matakana Rd and Sandspit Rd is dependent on the land use for the North East Warkworth area. Auckland Council’s Future Urban Land Supply Strategy to has the relevant land being released in 2033-2037. There may be some wider land pressures that could bring it forward so we are anticipating the new connection to be a second decade project. At this time the Sandspit Connection will not be built at the same time as the Matakana Link but at a later date.

According to the ATAP leaked report, the Sandspit Link will be pushed forward to the ‘first decade’ from the ‘second decade.’ Someone d