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The Gauntlet: Issue #47

Newsletter #47 - 10 August 2017

Over the past week, Labour announced their transport policy to move within Auckland, National countered with their policy to commute to Auckland, while New Zealand First promised a referendum so North Rodney can cede from Auckland. To throw a spanner in the works, an Auckland Transport Alignment Project (ATAP) was leaked to Labour's Phil Twyford, which mentions that $300m of arterial roading in Silverdale and Warkworth could be brought forward using a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV).


In response to Greg Sayer’s presentation last week to the Auckland Transport board, we weren’t impressed with Auckland Transport’s answers. The leaking of the ATAP report ( muddies the water. In Appendix 2, titled “ATAP revised Indicative Package Major Interventions, first decade (2018/2019 to 2027/2028)” is this graphic of Warkworth:

From what we understand of this image, the red box indicates “projects substantially accelerated in the first three years (with additional funding” whereas the purple indicates “projects accelerated in ATAP 1.1.”

The Auckland Transport position a week ago was that the Matakana Link, Western Collector and the Warkworth Park & Ride would be completed by the time of the opening of the Puhoi to Warkworth Motorway. Sandspit Link would be built after 2032. In this diagram, however, “Sandspit/Matakana Road realignment/ Hill Street Improvements” are highlighted in purple as the Hill Street Intersection and Sandspit Link.

Have all our Christmases come at once? Will the Hill Street intersection and Sandspit Link be accelerated further?

The only other mentions of Warkworth in the report are the following diagrams:

We aren’t aware of any Warkworth projects being part of the Crown Infrastructure Partners payback scheme ( We are, however, aware that Penlink Project has been trying to get a Special Purpose vehicle to fund Penlink ( and the Rodney Local Board has been discussing a targeted rate (

But here is the kicker. In Appendix 1, Jacobs worked out that the Benefit to Cost Ratio of the Warkworth arterial roads to be only 1.1.

We weren’t aware of that report. We’ve just sent an Official Information Act request this morning. Based on what we’ve seen, a BCR of 1.1 is much more favourable that the BCR of 0.5 for the Matakana Link. Watch this space. If the Matakana Link was part of that BCR of 1.1, then other projects should have received priority.


The leaker is most likely from the Mayor’s Office. After Labour’s transport announcement last week and National’s drip-feeding of project announcements, the leak shuts down any anticipation or feelings of being left out.

Let’s face it, Rodney has felt left out. These leaks provide more false hope, designed so Labour can get on with focusing on their pet projects elsewhere in Auckland.


Auckland Transport won’t realign the kerbing between Sandspit Road and Millstream Place. That doesn’t hinder locals, however.

One vehicle drove between the two lamp posts!

Come on, Auckland Transport. Move the give way sign, lamp post and realign the kerbing. It’s not rocket science.


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