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The Gauntlet: Issue #36

Newsletter #36 - 25 May 2017

Over the past week, our team has been meeting with local landowners to discuss the effects of zoning, traffic growth, and roading projects on them and the wider area. With the $2m announced to design the Hill Street intersection, we are looking at ways to progress the construction phase sooner.

Talking about progress, this weeks’ belated issue is dedicated to what is being done and who can learn from it.


Episode 4 of the TV series “Gutsful”, featuring our campaign, airs on Thursday 8 June at 8:30pm on TV2. We will be holding a screening party at The Bridgehouse. Gutsful is streamed on demand here:


We’ve been following the progress of the Kowhai Park upgrade. To view the plans, find them here:

From what we’ve seen, there’s a lot that Auckland Transport could learn. The resource consent contained ecological and arbourist assessments, which will be useful for any works to reconfigure the intersection.

As expected, the works are being completed in stages, avoiding disruption to the Hill Street intersection. The works have started at the northern end of the site, allowing for easier access to the site from the intersection.

Clearing the site and sediment control is the priority at this stage. We were surprised by how large the site is. The fenced area allows for pedestrians to walk along the top terrace above the stream. Still, look at the extent of the flat area leading to the stream escarpment.

As you can see, the island in the middle of the carpark is being formed. We calculated that the amount of material being moved from the site and seal the carpark would be similar to our suggested roundabout design for the Hill Street intersection.

A lot of seal and rubble from the demolished toilet block has been trucked away from the site. We haven’t heard of any complaints about trucks causing gridlock at the lights. The Wharehine team are setting a good example of the type of traffic management required to upgrade the Hill Street intersection. NZTA should take notice.

Here is the site hazard board. E/I/M stands for ‘Eliminate/ Isolate/ Minimise’.


Auckland Transport sought your feedback on the Matakana Link Road options by 20 May 2017. Information can be found here:

If anything came out of this process, it is that there is little flexibility from NZTA to align the Matakana Link with the motorway junction. Consideri