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MYTH #5: Widening Shoesmith Bridge will solve the Hill Street Intersection Problem.

An aerial photograph of the stretch of State Highway 1 between the Whitaker Street intersection and Hill Street intersection with the Shoesmith Bridge at the centre of the photo.

False. The reason why Shoesmith Bridge is a problem is that traffic queuing is backing up onto it from Hill Street Intersection for northbound traffic. To a lesser extent southbound traffic is backing up from the single lane south at Woodcocks Road traffic signals.

As a rule of thumb if you stop traffic at traffic signals, you need two lanes of queues for each lane of through traffic. Most of SH1 is 2 lane thus there should be 2 lanes of queues at the signals each way.

True. It is a constriction for the waves of traffic at Whitaker Road traffic lights trying to merge, but it is not a cause of the congestion at Hill Street.

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