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MYTH #4: Closing Elizabeth Street to southbound traffic will solve the Hill Street Intersection Prob

Auckland Transport graphic showing the proposed trial works.

False. It will force 1300 vehicles per day to go 2 km further to get to the CBD. This will put more pressure on Whitaker Road at SH1 and at the RSA corner. If the Elizabeth Street exit to Matakana and was cut off completely a further 2900 vehicles per day would also be diverted. All this traffic will be added to SH1 traffic.

True. Cars from Matakana and Sandspit going to SH1 will not have to give way to the right and thus the queuing will be a lot more efficient albeit that there is a no stopping area at Elizabeth Street.

False. There is no provision for the planned Urban Growth.

False. All traffic coming out of Elizabeth Street will be faced with clear right of way traffic approaching at 50kph from right. At present they do at least know that that traffic must be prepared to stop.

False. Traffic can easily misunderstand the signage and try and enter Elizabeth Street only to be faced with a barrier. They will likely either to back up or do a u-turn, which are both dangerous manoevres.

False. The lack of an entrance to the CBD from the north would be a further disincentive to people thinking of stopping at Warkworth.

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