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MYTH #3: The Western Collector will solve the Hill Street Intersection Problem.

The NZTA's graphic showing the proposed route of the Western Collector.

False. The Western Collector was never and will never be a bypass to the Hill Street Intersection. It is on the rim of the wheel. Hill Street Intersection is the Hub

The HUB is the NUB of the problem.

False. The Western Collector shown above was intended to connect the industrial areas that are strangely scattered around Warkworth. It clearly was never intended to be a bypass. Hudson Road is narrow and winding and is unstable. It will eventually be replaced.

Where? With a new, more direct road across the swamp behind the industrial area on Hudson Road. The route is likely to be decided by developers.

When? Nothing is likely to happen until a developer commits to construction.

False. The Board of Inquiry for the motorway was told traffic on Hill Street was going to increase to 13700 vehicles per day by 2026. It currently is 1900 vehicles per day. This is a 5.5 fold increase and a disaster for Warkworth Primary School and the Hill Street Intersection. Why? On can only assume that traffic from Matakana and Sandspit Roads will want to go direct to Woodcocks Road Industrial Area rather go through the 2 sets of traffic signals on SH1.

False. NZTA recently revised its 2026 projections based on the Unitary Plan. Even with the Western Collector, Hill Street intersection traffic increases significantly.

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