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Councillor Greg Sayers' presentation to Auckland Transport Board

In the presentation were the following four suggestions:

  1. To ensure that, once the design for the major upgrade of the Hill Street intersection was completed, that construction commence without delay (currently construction is delayed until the end of 2021);

  2. That minor works improvements to Sandspit Road commence to improve traffic flow and safety, including –

  • Moving the Sandspit Road pedestrian crossing to the traffic lights,

  • A sliplane between Sandspit Road and Elizabeth Street,

  • An extra lane at the Sandspit Road/ Elizabeth Street give way towards the traffic lights, and

  • Traffic signalling for the Elizabeth Street/Sandspit Road intersection.

  1. Completion of the Sandspit Link (between Matakana Link and Sandspit Road) at the same time as the Matakana Link; and

  2. Extending/realigning the motorway so that the 100km/h zone extend uninterrupted to the Matakana and Sandspit Links.

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