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Councillor Greg Sayers' presentation to Auckland Transport Board

To view the PowerPoint presentation, please click here.

In the presentation were the following four suggestions:

  1. To ensure that, once the design for the major upgrade of the Hill Street intersection was completed, that construction commence without delay (currently construction is delayed until the end of 2021);

  2. That minor works improvements to Sandspit Road commence to improve traffic flow and safety, including –

  • Moving the Sandspit Road pedestrian crossing to the traffic lights,

  • A sliplane between Sandspit Road and Elizabeth Street,

  • An extra lane at the Sandspit Road/ Elizabeth Street give way towards the traffic lights, and

  • Traffic signalling for the Elizabeth Street/Sandspit Road intersection.

  1. Completion of the Sandspit Link (between Matakana Link and Sandspit Road) at the same time as the Matakana Link; and

  2. Extending/realigning the motorway so that the 100km/h zone extend uninterrupted to the Matakana and Sandspit Links.

To view Auckland Transport's response to these suggestions, please click here.

To view our rebuttal to Auckland Transport's response, please click here.

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