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Welcome to the website of our action group, which is determined to fix
New Zealand's worst intersection.
Known as "Hill Street", it is a cluster of five intersections branching from
State Highway 1 at Warkworth.
32,000+ motorists each day deal with
what a judge described as
"an amazing clutter of traffic signs and road markings."
It's not good enough. Not for emergency services, pedestrians, local traffic,
through traffic, tourists, holiday traffic, nor future traffic growth.
Hill Street needs to be fixed now
before the problem gets worse.

The State Highway 1 intersection with Hill Street in Warkworth is one of the most congested sections of highway in the country.

The NZ Transport Authority flatly refused to look at fixing Hill Street until after the Puhoi to Warkworth Tolled Motorway was built.

As a result of our campaign, the NZTA had a rethink and provided a budget to investigate and decide on a design. Now that an indicative  design has been announced, the challenge is to get it built as soon as possible.

Originally, the NZTA said that construction would commence when the tollway and Matakana Link Road was completed. Unfortunately, the NZTA handed the project over to Auckland Transport, who is broke and have yet to include the project in their 10 year plan.

This is just not good enough.

The community has been promised over and over that this will be addressed. If you think last year was bad, imagine how congested Hill Street will become with an estimated 60,000 new residents each year in the greater Auckland region. The community will grind to a halt.

We aim through this website to provide a forum for the community to discover the history, look at alternative designs and to provide feedback so we can let the politicians - both local and national - know that we need this intersection fixed now. 

We need your help. Get involved and voice your concerns.

Here is a 3D timelapse of the intersection.

To look around the intersection, please click on the arrows at the top left of the screen.

Thanks to the support of over 9000 people signing our petition. The New Zealand Transport Agency announced a $2 million project to investigate and redesign the intersection. Now that there is a proposed design, the challenge is to ensure it is built as soon as possible.


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The NZ Transport Agency takes into account factors like the number of road accidents and deaths when prioritising projects.
In the past decade, NZTA have built 19 interchanges at accident black spots
- most of the the intersections having lower traffic volumes than at Hill Street.
Meanwhile, emergency services are regularly stuck in congestion at the Hill Street intersection. 
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