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The Gauntlet: Issue #32

Newsletter #32 - 27 April 2017

With many taking Monday and Tuesday off, much more has been squeezed into the shorter week, including traffic. On Wednesday, Auckland Transport held the first of its consultation meetings for the alignment of the Matakana Link Road. On Thursday, TVNZ announced the airing date for our TV show.


You heard that right. TVNZ announced their winter line-up, which included a new show called “Gutsful.” The show premieres on May 11 and the Fix Hill Street Now campaign features in Episode 4, which airs on Thursday 1 June at 8:30pm on TV2.

We’re holding a screening event at The Bridgehouse on Elizabeth Street in Warkworth, starting at 7:30pm. You’re all invited to come and watch our team on the big screen. We have seen snippets of the show and it will be a hoot!

Details of the event can be found here: Please let our Facebook page know if you are interested in attending.

Here is how TVNZ announced the show:

Brand new TV2 locally produced series Gutsful is a collision of the best of the worst!

The word ‘gutsful’ is uniquely Kiwi; an extension of the experience of feeling ‘gutted’ after an unfortunate event.

New Zealand is awash with disgruntlement. As city people move into the country to whine about cow shit and metal roads, in turn rural folk object to a house being built down their quiet country road.

Gutsful takes a distinctive approach to community disputes, straying into seemingly cosy communities, to dig-up smoldering disputes and burning issues. We’ll give a voice to the often-trod trials of pesky pets and boundary bandits. But also cast a wider net to encompass rest home rabble-rousers, consumer rip-offs, local litterbugs and rogue animals.

Gutsful’s participants are colloquial, quirky, frustrated, teary-eyed and hell bent on getting justice. They come in all shapes and sizes. Grey-haired senior citizens, unruly 20-somethings, solo Mums and rustic locals.

Here’s a programme that will listen to all your gripes, grizzles and grievances. This is no voyeuristic ramble around your shambles. They’re putting it right … (within reason).


On Wednesday, Auckland Transport presented their options for the Matakana Link Road alignment. In attendance were the developers of the land most affected by the proposed road’s route, who also happen to be developers of the land affected by Stage 2 of the Western Collector between State Highway 1 and Falls Road. We saw their extensive plans for the area.

To view Auckland Transport’s options and provide feedback, visit here:

Here are the four options being considered, after being narrowed down from ten initial alignments:

The location of the intersection with State Highway 1 is not negotiable as NZTA have specified where it must be. Technically, Auckland Transport are responsible for the works beyond 60 metres from that intersection.

As we see it, the five issues to consider are:

  1. The location, design and integration of the intersection with Matakana Road;

  2. The number and location of crossing places (entranceways and intersections) along the limited access road;