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MYTH #1: The new motorway will solve the Hill Street Intersection Problem.

Above are graphics produced as evidence by the NZTA for their application for resource consents.

NZTA are into their final negotiations for the Puhoi to Warkworth Tollway to be completed by 2022 NZTA claim that it will solve the problems at the Hill St Intersection.

FALSE: The Board of Inquiry (BOI) for the tollway was highly critical of the operation of the Hill Street Intersection. Nearly half the report was devoted to the problem.

TRUE: Because there was predicted to be a 6 and 12% drop in traffic on the State Highway the Commissioner could not say that the motorway negatively affected the intersection.

FALSE: Having said that the right turn to SH1 north instead of the left turn to SH1 south is much harder.

FALSE: One must wonder why the people of Warkworth have to travel 2km north to go south.

FALSE: Of all the traffic going north on the promised motorway only 50% of traffic continues north. 50% turns around and comes back to Warkworth via Hill Street Intersection or the Matakana Link could do better.

It would have been simple to add south facing ramps at the south end of Warkworth. NZTA went as far as preventing the Commissioner looking at this issue when it could clearly help the Hill Street Intersection.

FALSE: The Commissioner did agree that the affects of construction on the Hill Street Intersection were more than minor. He did put in very strict conditions on the contruction operation. He also called for a SSTMP (Site specific traffic management plan). The NZTA considered it to hard to answer. They simply passed the impossible on to the contractor.

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